DefenseFairy shared a video on "how to spot a spiked drink," claiming one can tell if their beverage has been drugged by noticing excessive bubbles, changing color, fogginess or sinking ice. buying a taser | . "There's mindset, practicing situational awareness, there's all these other thingsand self defense. New mini case tasers | New mini case tasers ac kangaudios - pj. 2023, Niccolagio #safetyjewelry While enclosed lip glosses and hand sanitizers are exactly as they appear, some of the weapons are made to imitate everyday items. #smallbusinesstips_ Follow our Instagram for more sneak peeks and updates #taser #stungun #selfdefense #selfdefensekeychain". PO box 255 Front Royal, VA 22630 The Trap Girl Beauty online store lists its location as Los Angeles but sells a number of weapons prohibited in California, including lipstick case knives and writing pen knives. Tmall Taobao World I am a social media influencer.I learn from Tikstar and learning On top of moving their disclaimers to places customers cannot miss, Narine Weldon recommends merchants consult with a lawyer, avoid copying legalese from other safety keychain businesses, cite their sources, and additionally state that they are not responsible for information on their websites because the laws could change. If you did please. With these keychains, you'll always have a self defense tool on hand. | Add to Cart. #selfdefensekeychain 58.7K Likes, 506 Comments. Follow our Instagram for more sneak peeks and updates . That's why I created this stylishself defense keychain collection with the basic self defense tools you need to face the world every day. "So it's no longer even a self-defense keychain at this point.". MINI SELF DEFENSE KEYCHAINS The world can be a scary place. Under The Sea Self Defense Keychain. Joy recommends keychain suppliers should be "advocating for knowledge" among their customers. Beyond liability disclosures and quick how-to TikTok videos, safety keychain sellers do not usually impart detailed, research-based instructions on optimally using the weapons for self-defense, nor do they disclose their products' limitations. Silver Marble Self Defense Keychain Bundle (Includes Silver Keychain) $199.00 Options SPECIAL COLLABORATION - We've partnered with TikTok influencer, Fabulyss Boutique, who has over 1 million followers to bring you this special all-in-one self-defense keychain. "You are your most effective tool, because you always have you on you," said Joy. #selfdefensekits Cassetta said TikTok's keychain sellers are "going from A to Z and they're skipping B to Y.". #keychainbusiness Usually sold for upwards of $30, the keychains are marketed as must-haves for women who want to feel safe while looking cute. #safetytips So I Ordered A Handheld Taser | And It Worked Perfectly! Invest in a complete self defense keychain combo set that includes several useful tools to be ready when you leave your house and have to deal with any dangerous situation. Packing Self Defense Keychain ASMR #280 ASMR Version I Mab Aesthetic Mab Aesthetic 19K views 1 month ago Satisfying packing orders ASMR style TikTok compilation #19 #asmr #packingorders. The videos attract hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of views. $25.00 Quick View. But these statements are not always immediately apparent. Stock image of a woman taking a self-defense class. In another post, the TikToker joked about using one of the keychain weapons she sells to attack a man. Others say they will not ship certain tools to the states that do not allow them. 89 Likes, TikTok video from PLB (@prettyloadedboutiquellc): "Shop #prettyloadedboutique #plb #minitaser #plbprotection #selfdefensekeychain #womenselfdefense". Includes Safe Personal Alarm for Seniors, LED, and Carabiner. 5.2K Likes, 194 Comments. original sound - Defense Fairy. Quick View. Despite selling products they claim can save lives, some sellers exhibit a limited understanding of real-life safety issues. The video was viewed over 1.7 million times. Alipay THE ONLY SELF-DEFENSE KEYCHAIN WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY Fight Fobs Fight Fobs Fight Fobs Ukraine Support Self Defense Key Chain from $29.85 Fight Fobs Fight Fobs Tribe Vibe Boho Self Defense Key Chain Set from $29.85 Fight Fobs Fight Fobs Fiesta Colorful Self Defense Key Chain Gift Set from $29.85 : you guys enjoyed! From $30.00 Blue Butterfly Self Defense Keychain. BATUMEYE Keychain Set for Woman Gifts with Alarm,Card Holder,Travel Bottle Keychain Accessories, Safe Sound Personal Alarm,3 Pack130 dB Loud Siren Song Emergency Self-Defense Security Alarm Keychain with LED Light, Personal Sound Safety Siren for Women, Men, Children, Elderly (Black/Purple/Green), Safety Keychain Set for Women and Kids, 4 Pcs Safety Keychain Accessories, Self Defense Keychain Set for Girls with Safe Sound Personal Alarm, No Touch Door Opener, Whistle and Bottle Opener, Pink, Self Defense Keychain for Women Safety Keychain - ANKOSHUN Personal Alarm 2 Pack, 130 dB Siren and Strobe Light, for Students, Joggers, Night Workers, Elders, Kids, Women, 4 Pop Color (Aqua&Pink), Self Defense Keychain SirenPersonal Alarm, FirDeer Demon Slayer Mini Toy Katana Keychain, Elegant key chains from Cerbery - ideal gift. Restock 3/24 @8pm EST Videos Liked 156.3K What would you do? I was definitely not expecting this but I'm glad it all worked out! We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. Sold. subscribe to Tikstar's service, I hope more people can like - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, 1999-2023 Tikstar really helped me a lot, I also The line between self-defense and assault varies between U.S. jurisdictions. Bling It On Pepper Spray Keychain Only $15. "Support small businesses, know how to protect yourself, don't make guarantees about products unless it's 100% studied. Terms of Use ", Jennifer Cassetta, a self-defense expert who runs the "She Warrior" online self-defense course, said providing a "gigantic thing of tools" to a largely untrained customer base is "unrealistic.". #safety . Watermelon Pompom Keychain with Lipgloss $15.00. Plastic Self Defense Keychain Set Survival Self Defense Keychain Set For Women Girls , Find Complete Details about Plastic Self Defense Keychain Set Survival Self Defense Keychain Set For Women Girls,Self Defense Keychain,Survival Self Defense Tools,Self Defense Set For Women from Supplier or Manufacturer-Jingjiang Jiasheng International Trade Co., Ltd. Self Defense Keychain| TikTok Compilation|Part2 - YouTube Thank you so much for watching. #selfdefensekeychain $35.00. "We're not really condemning or condoning self-defense tools," Joy told Newsweek. The keychain seller duetted a video in which a coach discourages placing keys between knuckles (a known makeshift self-defense tactic used by many women), offering her product as a better alternative. Self-Defense Keychains Self-defense Keychains $25.00 $30.00 Sale Bling Self-defense Keychain $29.99 $50.00 Sale Pink Pleasure Self Defense Keychain $35.00 Sapphire $30.00 Pink Panther $25.00 Mace $19.50 $22.50 Sale On the Prowl $25.00 Cleveland $35.00 $40.00 Sale Purple Panther $25.00 Custom Butterfly Keychain from $40.00 Black Panther $30.00 Please. Get Yours Today! How to make to become an influencer. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. We chose the SLForce as our Best Bang for the Buck because of its overall quality and value. Follow on Tik TokInstagramFacebookYouTube#selfdefe. #foryou, Restocking stun guns + self defense add ons on FEBRUARY 15 at 12AM EST Black Stun Gun. "Because if you're being attacked, if somebody is approaching you and you feel unsafe, your intuition is spiking, more than likely, your adrenaline is also spiking. It's a must-have for any woman who wants to be prepared for anything. A pack of 6 small and colorful safety alarms that make a loud siren sound which can last up to 50 minutes straight when triggered. $35.00 Quick View. These tools require adequate training to handle properly, but safety keychain businesses tend to provide little to no guidance on their use. From $30.00 . TikTok video from Sicura Creations (@sicuracreations): "This WILL be in the restock! As seen on Tiktok, these niccolagio's self defense keychain sets are ideal as a safety measure for women's protection. Dani Joy said it would be helpful to know exactly how, for example, enclosed pepper spray can affect people or whether the stun guns require direct skin contact to be effective. - __zzmeya.__. ROMILE Safe Sound Personal Alarm - 6 PackSiren Song 140DB Reusable Security Alarms Keychain with LED Light, Emergency Safety Alarm for Women Girls Kids and Elderly. You never know when you'll need to defend yourself. Filter: Availability. All rights reserved. Self defense keychain| TikTok Compilation TikToking It 95 subscribers Subscribe 31K views 1 year ago Heyyyy. #smallbusinesstiktok #selfdef #womensselfdefense #womenssafety #girlsselfdefence 1047 On their websites, many safety keychain businesses include language absolving themselves of liability from injuries sustained from their products, as well as holding customers responsible for knowing their local laws. Kitty knuckles video: BUY A KEYCHAIN FROM ME! Thank you so much for watching. For more detailed information including pricing, customization, and shipping: Jingjiang Jiasheng International Trade Co., Ltd. In demonstrating the potency of glass-breaking items, sellers have used visibly thin pieces of glass while claiming their products are powerful enough to smash through the thicker glass of windows on buildings and cars. Underneath text that reads "When he thinks I don't hear those bitches in the background," she combs her hair while on a phone call, before removing the top part of the comb to reveal a knife and walking out of the shot. HELLO GUYS, WELCOME TO RANSFIR CHANNEL Thank you for visiting my youtube video! Self Defense Keychains (@lynnercreations) | TikTok lynnercreations Self Defense Keychains Follow 90 Following 67.7K Followers 405.3K Likes No bio yet. But nonchalance in the face of danger is highly unlikely in real life. SABRE Safe Escape 3-in-1 Pepper Gel with Seat Belt Cutter & Window Breaker, Maximum Strength Pepper Spray, Snap Clip Keychain for Easy Carry & Fast Access, 25 Bursts, Easy to Use Flip Top Safety, AMIR Safety Keychain Set for Women and Kids, 10 Pcs Safety Keychain Accessories, Self Defense Keychain Set for Girls with Safe Sound Personal Alarm, No Touch Door Opener, Whistle and Pom, Blue, Keyfans - Keychain Set For Women with Whistle, Pom Pom, Bracelet.Gifts For Girls Friends, Mom, Daughter, HOCAO YIGO 2 Pack Mini Green Leaf Keychain Multifunction stainless Portable Outdoor Multifunctional Gadgets Key Accessories, Set of 105 Aluminum Emergency Whistle with Keychain Safety Survival Whistle Sturdy Light Whistle Keychain Whistle Key Ring Loud Sound Camping Signal Whistles for Women Defense Hiking Alarm, 7 Colors, Safe Sound Personal Alarm, 12 Packs 140DB Personal Security Alarm Keychain with LED Lights, Emergency Safety Alarm for Women, Men, Children, Elderly, OKEYCOSY Keychain Set for Woman, Gifts for Women and Girls. "Which is the worst place, because nobody's ever going to read the privacy page. This WILL be in the restock! Self Defense Keychains. The Blue Butterfly Set., South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands (USD $). #safetyessentials 22 reviews. Add to Cart. Self Defense Keychain | ASMR Pack an order | Tiktok compilation ,TikTok Self Defense Compilation | CHEZZY,Packing Keychain Orders TikTok Edition EP.1 ,Make Self Defense Keychains With Me | Self-defense keychains (also known as safety keychains) are sold in an oversaturated online market on TikTok that taps into womens anxieties about gender-based violence. - Other staple tools of these keychains include alarms that double as LED lights, a "seatbelt cutter," a stylus that grabs door handles, and pointed tools dubbed as Kubotans, a Japanese self-defense accessory. Tiktok- Staysafeladiess. Color of Pompom: . 33010002000092 #pink #pinkkeychain #lisptick #redkiss #selfdefense #selfdefensekeychain #selfdefenseforwoman #selfdefensetools #defensekeychain #safetyfirst #keychains #keyfob #keyring #fyp #fyp #foryou". #fyp, What would be your go to? Out. Stay ready so you dont have to get ready with our mini keychain tasers original sound - PLB. #musthaves CT woman's self-defense keychains go viral on TikTok Jailene Cuevas 9/15/2022 Like 1 Comment | 2 After feeling unsafe at her college campus, a Connecticut native created a fashionable. Plain Jane keychain + taser, what color next? Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Another TikToker who goes by DefenseFairy promoted her keychains by conveniently cutting off videos from a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school. Unit price / per . . They are sorted by top views and belong to the best results alarm keychain Tik Tok ads: August 2022 The total number of days for these 10 ads:4293 Ad Impressions,4 Days,48 Popularity,4293 views,44 likes,4 comments,0 shares. As seen on Tiktok, these niccolagio's self defense keychain sets are ideal as a safety measure for women's protection. (This has been debunked by fact-checking organizations such as Snopes and PolitiFact.). SELF-DEFENSE KIT INCLUDES: * Pocket Rechargeable Stun Gun * Stun Gun Charger & Holster Case * 1/2 oz Personal Maximum Strength Pepper Spray With Key Ring * Rubber Key Chain Fob * Detailed Self Defense Products Instructions Product information Technical Details Additional Information Feedback Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: #fyp Mini Taser | Flash | original sound - BUEATY.PLUG.LA. Self Defense Keychain (m@ce included) P powerproductss Knife Aesthetic Pink Aesthetic Diy Resin Art Resin Crafts Pink Grey Hot Pink Cupid Love Window Breaker Ninja Weapons The Harley babe Knuckles and Knife Set. I sell Self Defense Keychains!Shop: Follow along to see the latest designs available! Shop products from small business brands sold in Amazons store. On TikTok, some merchants have marketed the keychains with grandiose claims, such as helping women to fight back against assailants, free themselves from attempted abductions, or even escape car wrecks. ", Join half a million readers enjoying Newsweek's free newsletters, Exclusive: How YouTube Facilitates the Persecution of TikTok Women in Egypt, Exclusive: Pick-up Artist Used YouTube, PayPal to Share Covertly Filmed Sex. 824 Likes, 27 Comments. | Fabulyss Boutique, for example, has promoted an internet hoax claiming human traffickers place zip ties on car door handles of chosen targets. From $38.00 Pink Butterfly Self Defense Keychain. She similarly stitched a video in which the same coach simulates abducting a woman, cutting off right before he teaches fight techniques. After a young woman took to TikTok to recount a strange man following and accosting her, one shop called SkyDefense saw an opportunity to duet her video and show off their keychain tools in split-screen. She has also posted a couple of videos dismissing claims questioning the legality of her keychain tools. TikTok video from Defense Fairy (@defensefairy): "Replying to @user080700085 Plain Jane keychain + taser, what color next? She got the whole package #safety #safetyforwomen #selfdefensekeychains #keychains #selfdefensetools #selfdefense #safetyessentials #packagingasmr #keychainaccessories #womenaccesories #tiktokmademebuyit ". Regular price $28.99 Sale price $28.99 Regular price. Contact supplierto negotiate shipping details, Enjoy encrypted and secure paymentsView details, Eligible for returns and refundsView details, Site: International - Espaol - Portugus - Deutsch - Franais - Italiano - - P - - - - - Trk - Nederlands - ting Vit - Indonesian - , AliExpress Another shop named Gracefully Armed used that same hoax to advertise their product in a TikTok video viewed over 726,2000 times. - Personal Alarms-Safety and Self Defense Best Safe Alarm for Women 4.5 (1,554) $10 00 FREE delivery Fri, Mar 3 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon In TikTok videos, weapons such as Kubatons, pointed knuckles, knives and pepper spray were demonstrated on fruits, pieces of meat, cans, synthetic flesh, and mannequin heads. Attached to decorated wristbands and poofy pom-poms are weaponssometimes concealedsuch as pepper spray, stun guns, pocket knives, or pointed metal knuckles.

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